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Mike Relm’s Remix Magic

Bonus Isaiah Mustafa remix! Mmm, 3 shirtless Isaiahs. Mike Relm is wonderful. Now seriously go watch Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening. xoxo Advertisements

I’ve Got a Meme for That

Faaaaaaantasic! Bill vs. Betty.

My New Favorite Meme: Mad Development

“Let me take off my acting pants and pull my analrapist stocking over my head…” I want way more of both of these shows. xoxo

Pippa Who?

Hello, Chase Utley’s bum. Hello Domonic Brown’s bum. What’s a Pippa? 😀

Why I Read Jezebel.com

I laughed quite a lot at the caption. Poor Kanye. Who says ladies aren’t funny?  

Zombie Garden Gnome

This will certainly make an appearance in my  new home’s (whenever that happens) front yard and/or garden. Only $20.00! Found here: dougfx’s Etsy shop Also (here): xoxo

$44K donation to GMHC made possible by WBC

Comedian/Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli can certainly be a little hard to take, but her heart is so clearly in the right place. After finding out that the awful, inappropriate and totally evil Westboro Baptist Church (where’s a Rapture when you need one?) would be protesting one of her shows, she pledged to donate $1,000 … Continue reading

The Rapture: Gonna Get Myself Into It

At least this rain would end, amirite.Found here. My plan: With: Rapture dance party! All day at work, I’ve been ending all my sentences with, “if the world doesn’t end.” We’ve been having a good time with it. I hope you are, too. Have a great weekend (if the world doesn’t end :} )! xoxo

Everyone Loves Topical Humor (if they get it)

That Lincoln. WAY ahead of his time. (source) xoxo

Story of my life…

[USA! USA!] xoxo

a little birdie told me

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