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Tempeh Tamale Pie (ever-so-slightly adapted from Peas and Thank You)

A great chef once said, “This is so good you will die. And then you will be sad because dead people can’t go back for seconds. Or the whole pan.” That chef is Mama Pea. She is brilliant not only with words, but with food. Amazingly delicious veggie food. Thanks to a reader, Mama Pea … Continue reading

Homemade Falafel Fail

So boyfriend and I have definitely cut our meat intake in the last week. We’ve eaten more salads, grilled veg, black beans and I even made tempeh tacos that we both loved. Tonight, however, was a major dinner fail. I was so excited to make some delicious falafel – I had Maoz on the brain … Continue reading

Moving Toward Vegetarianism

Last night, my boyfriend and I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives. I’ve always wanted move towards a meatless diet but haven’t really been intensely motivated as of yet. The longer we watched the film and the more information that was presented, the mores boyfriend decided for himself that he wanted to move to a … Continue reading

Baked Spaghetti

How Sweet Eats is an awesome blog full of delicious and, what I also call innovative recipes. Tonight for dinner, I made my own version of her Baked Parmesan Spaghetti (linked). My football game (go Eagles!) was about to start and I didn’t have any ground meat so I totally halted assed it, but it’s … Continue reading

A Little Weekend Pampering

Yesterday I went to Inspired By You for a 30 minute relaxation massage and pedicure. A few months ago, boyfriend bought me a round of services from the place from a promotion they had going. This past Wednesday I got a haircut as part of the package and this coming Wednesday I’m getting a facial, … Continue reading

Mozz-Stuffed Chicken Meatball Sliders

The past few weeks I’ve been completely consumed with packing and moving into my new house! My lovely little row home on the South Side of Bethlehem. I loooove it! Boyfriend and I moved in last Friday and have done a pretty good job of getting unpacked and set up to live despite our busy … Continue reading

Liz Taylor’s Delicious Life

If you’ve not seen it by now, the daily diet of one Ms. Liz Taylor has popped up over at the Village Voice. This is from It’s All About the Dress, the new memoir by noted designer Vicky Tiel. BREAKFAST Mimosa, crisp bacon, and scrambled eggs LUNCH Peanut butter and bacon sandwich on French baguette. … Continue reading


Today’s lunch: organic baby spinach, broccoli and radish sprouts, broccoli, organic grape tomatoes, orange bell pepper, matchstick carrots, grilled chicken strips, black ground pepper, Mrs. Dash salt-free fiesta lime seasoning, Kraft light balsamic vinaigrette. Opted out of the blue cheese and walnuts…those would be so good right now. xoxo

Homemade breakfast burrito

1 whole egg, 3 slices applewood smoked bacon crumbled, 1/2 cup shredded potatoes, organic salsa and ranch dressing wrapped up in a Mission Carb Balance Whole Wheat torilla.

Lunch fit for a hurricane

Saturday afternoon, after stopping at Molly’s for a Magners, I went to Tulum for some takeout lunch. Mayan (grilled pineapple salsa, roasted corn, avocado) chicken burrito with guac and Utz Organic White Corn Chips. Perfect to dine on while hunkering down with Accepted and the Kill Bills.

a little birdie told me

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