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Homemade Falafel Fail

So boyfriend and I have definitely cut our meat intake in the last week. We’ve eaten more salads, grilled veg, black beans and I even made tempeh tacos that we both loved. Tonight, however, was a major dinner fail. I was so excited to make some delicious falafel – I had Maoz on the brain and the closest one is 60 miles away.

I found a recipe on the Food Network website that seemed promising and I was soclose to a delicious garbanzo feast. The falafels just melted away in the pan as I tried to fry them. I suppose I didn’t let the oil get hot enough? It was such a major bummer that has found its way to the trashcan. Major disappointment. I will try again sometime this week and I will succeed. Maybe I can bake them instead…is that a thing you can do with falafel? Either way, I’ll be trying a new recipe, too: the one I chose used too cilantro and parsley – not so great.

Here’s to fruitful falafeling. xoxo



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