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A Little Weekend Pampering

Yesterday I went to Inspired By You for a 30 minute relaxation massage and pedicure. A few months ago, boyfriend bought me a round of services from the place from a promotion they had going. This past Wednesday I got a haircut as part of the package and this coming Wednesday I’m getting a facial, which I’ve never had before.

In the bottle is was brighter and more yellow – on, it looks like Kraft mac ‘n cheese. Even in person without a filter on the photo. My last little grasp on summer.

After coming home and cleaning the house, I painted my own nails. I attempted the moon manicure with OPI Bling Dynasty (gold) as the base and Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Flirt for the top coat, but decided it looked stupid. I did away with all the polish and just went with the Flirt.

Definitely not professionally done. I like dark nails, though, so it’s a win. Following the paint job, boyfriend and I finally made it over to the new-ish Frank Banko Alehouse Cinema and saw 50/50. Since the Alehouse is touted as being able to eat and drink (real food and beer) inside, I thought they’d have tables. I’ve heard much about the Alamo Drafthouses in Texas and I thought it would be styled the same way. Nope. Stadium seating, but you get to balance your meal and beverage on your lap. I hadn’t eaten dinner so I got a Cider Vinegar Slaw Beef Brisket sandwich with house-made chips. So delicious! Especially the chips: they were a garlic parmesan flavor explosion.

50/50 was funny, smart, moving and made us cry. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a babe, Seth Rogen is an amazing best friend, and Anna Kendrick is just amazing. Her hardly says anything throughout the course of the film, but Serge Houde is both humourous and heartbreaking in his role as JLG’s dad suffering from Alzheimer’s. We truthfully only went to see it because I had a Groupon to the theater for free tickets, but we were very glad we did.

Today has been spent with more cleaning, watching my Eagles fail again and attempting to learn Arabic. I download Pimsleur Arabic and have thus far listened to the first lesson. In my job of International Sales and Export Compliance, I almost daily am working with customers in the Middle East. I still need to seriously brush up on my French, but it seems very useful to attempt Arabic. I imagine I’ll only learn to speak/listen to it instead of try reading and writing – one step at a time. xoxo



2 thoughts on “A Little Weekend Pampering

  1. Wow I’m jealous. It’s been so long since I’ve painted my nail, it’s embarrassing to say but I actually have trouble staying on the nails. I would love a relaxing spa weekend or even the thirty minutes you got. 🙂

    Posted by Ermilia | October 9, 2011, 9:35 pm
  2. I’m usually pretty terrible with painting my nails, too. I often leave the polish on for way too long so it’s all chipped. Before I painted them on Saturday, they’d been naked for a couple weeks. The pedicure was nice and either only the 3rd or 4th one I’ve ever had – I’m very ticklish! More massages all around, though. I hope you can get some pampering in for yourself soon!

    Posted by someotherbetty | October 10, 2011, 12:27 pm

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