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Liz Taylor’s Delicious Life

If you’ve not seen it by now, the daily diet of one Ms. Liz Taylor has popped up over at the Village Voice.

This is from It’s All About the Dress, the new memoir by noted designer Vicky Tiel.


Mimosa, crisp bacon, and scrambled eggs


Peanut butter and bacon sandwich on French baguette. Scoop out the extra bread inside.

Cheateau Margaux 1945


Crispy fried chicken

Mashed potatoes and gravy

Corn bread

Biscuits and gravy

Fresh green peas


And of course some Jack Daniel’s on the rocks and homemade potato chips!

Delightful! I can get behind just about all of that. I’ve never had PB and bacon, but I’d try it because both PB and bacon are so tasty.

I don’t know if I believe the mashed and gravy and biscuits and gravy and cornbread, but I’m not mad about any of it. My only alteration: make mine a Jamison. xoxo


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