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Bad Blogger Habits, Toronto Adventure, part 1

#1 – not blogging. Guilty, population ME! It’s been a busy summer both at work and at play. Over Canada Day/4th of July weekend, I drove up to Toronto with my boyfriend and his youngest brother. They hail from the Great North so I got to meet some of the family I hadn’t met (I love them all!!) and catch a whole series of baseball! My Phils played the Jays, which was actually the purpose of our making the trip.

The CN Tower is the most famous landmark in Toronto along with its glass floor. It’s a pretty big deal and you can see it from almost anywhere downtown. It’s right next to the baseball stadium. According to one of boyfriend’s cousins, for $200, you can get strapped to a bungee cord and walk around the edge of the top of this thing. We did not do that. There was baseball to be had!

This here is the Roger Centre, more colloquially known as the Sky Dome. This awesome stadium doesn’t have a bad seat in the house AND allows games to go on in both good weather and bad. There is, as the name Sky Dome suggests, a big white dome that can be dropped down to protect the field from all sorts of adverse weather. We lucked out in our three days there with beautiful weather and an open dome.

Inside the dome. That big, white, dome-shaped thing at the top: yes, that’s the dome. The stadium arranged a nice celebration both in honor of Canada Day and for the return of the amazing former Blue Jay, now [thankfully!] Phillie, Mr. Roy Halladay. He was pitching the next day, but Toronto loves this man so much that they had a nice video montage of him time on the Jays and a special opening ceremony for him.

He gave a tip of his [Phillies!!] cap to Toronto before exiting the crowd.The Phils went on to win that day much to the delight of myself and the dozens of fans that came up from Philly for series.Here we are loving the game, boyfriend with the “rally cap” for good luck so we could come from behind for the win.After the game, we headed just down the way to the Steam Whistle Brewing Co. They only make a pilsner, but damn if it’s not a good one. See, smiles! (The variation in size of the photos is due to my Mac not being able to properly load vertical photos for some reason. It’s weird and annoying.)

After Steam Whistle, we walked around downtown Toronto for a bit but didn’t stay too long due to sheer exhaustion. We’d driven up the night before not getting in until 2am, staying up chatting with relatives until 4:30am and then needing to get up, shower, dress, eat a big Greek breakfast with the family, head to the subway and get downtown for the game at 1. More to come! xoxo


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