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We Make Beautiful Music Together

Mrs. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess is such a gifted crafter! She just recently got married and put together a very fabulous DIY wedding. Ever since I read the post about her wedding invitations, I was in love. For so long I was all about music. I wanted to own a record label and, while that never happened, I did [very briefly] manage a band [that actually happens to be pretty big these days] and I was the founder and Editor-in-Chief for a pretty darn rad music blog.

It all got to be a little too much so I stopped. For a while, it was great. I could come home from my day job (the one that actually paid the bills) and relax instead of hitting two or three concerts a night then needing to edit photos, review the shows and write CD reviews. Recently, I’ve missed it. I’m not really in a place right now to get back into it (I left my office tonight at 9PM!), but I do miss the constant concerts, CDs, and sometimes hanging out with awesome artists. Elsie’s wedding invitations reminded me how much I love music with such a fun way of incorporating it into her big day.

I’d totally replicate these for my own wedding, you know, if it comes up. And if my at-the-time-soon-to-be-husband wasn’t also into the idea that these are the coolest, I think I’d cry. Definitely. I’d be so bummed. I love non-traditional weddings with fun touches of personality instead of “what we’re supposed to do.” These invitations are my jam.

What DIY/unique wedding items have you come across or thought of that you love? xoxo


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