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Adventure: Wedding Road Trip

With age comes life events – I’m at the stage now where my peers are getting married. This past weekend, I made the 10-1/2 hour drive up to beautiful Northeast Harbor, Maine to see my Fordham friend Paul get married. My other Fordham friend Tyler decided, since it was much cheaper, that he’d fly into Philadelphia instead of all the way to Maine and make the road trip up the coast with me. Thank goodness! Boyfriend couldn’t come and it’s so much more fun having a travel buddy, especially when the trip takes the better part of one’s waking hours.

We woke up at 5AM to hit the road on Friday morning in hopes of missing rush hours along the Northeast megalopolis. Success! We stop for a rest room and breakfast break in Massachusetts I believe it was. We pulled into the parking lot of a Wendy’s only to discover they don’t open until 10AM. It was only 9. Luckily there was a gas station right next store with a surprisingly clean bathroom. Thank goodness! The best parts about the trip up were watching episodes of “Arrested Development” and all the “Moose Crossing: Next 17 Mi.” signs.

Once we arrived on Friday, we freshened up, met up with other Fordham friends and headed to the rehearsal dinner: a huge indoor BBQ with some of the most delicious food! Barbeque chicken, barbeque ribs, an out-of-this-world corn casserole (I went back for seconds and maybe considered thirds), red quinoa salad (so good!) and blueberry pie with a pecan crust. Throughout the dinner, friends and family of the bride and groom gave speeches that were funny, heartwarming, animated and tear jerking. It’s a great idea that I’d implement at my own wedding, you know, should it come up.

The morning of the wedding, we met friends for breakfast then dressed up for the pre-wedding picnic. The what? Mmhmm, the pre-wedding picnic. The bride’s family is rather affluent and very quite generous is hosting us out-of-towners. The picnic featured a bloody mary bar (it was brunch hours), but I opted for an Arnold Palmer with vodka. I’ve never cared for tomato juice – blech! Lunch included chicken apple sausage (yum!), chorizo, chicken Mirabella (no sure what it is aside from tasty), and pasta salad followed by an array of chocolate chip cookies, brownies and fresh fruit.

The time in between the picnic and the wedding was spent on naps and fancying up. The ceremony lasted all of 25 minutes before they were pronounced man and wife and were whisked away to the beautiful and elaborate reception. The wine and champagne were flowing and the shrimp and oyster boat was simply stunning. Also delicious.

Big and juicy and fresh and the best shrimp I’ve ever had. I’m still dreaming about it. The oysters were great, too, but oh man I love me some shrimp and cocktail sauce. This was the first thing all weekend that I had to immediately take a picture of. Bad blogger. Good shrimp. Did I mention that the shrimp was awesome?

Everyone eventually filed in for dinner, more drinks, dancing and bouquet catching. Dinner was fab – a salad to start followed by the main (Maine?) course of lobster tail, petite filet mignon, dauphinoise potatoes and fresh asparagus and carrots. So tasty! While good, the filet mignon didn’t hold a candle to the cajun-encrusted rib eye I’m also still dreaming about, which will be served at my wedding, you know, should it come up.

The menu noted that both wedding cake and an ice cream sundae bar were the dessert. I would have preferred the latter (all ice cream all the time), but it must have been invisible because as many times as I circled the tent for it, it was not to be found. The wedding cake was a really moist and flavorful carrot cake, so I can’t be too mad about no ice cream.

A nine-piece band was hired as the night’s entertainment and killed it. I assumed it would be mostly stuffy music but they proved me way wrong with performances of “Bad Romance,” “Forget You,” “Just Dance,” and a bunch of other great modern dance songs. The night was danced away until we were very literally escorted out of the tent. Instead of rice or bubbles to wish the happy couple off, large sparklers were handed out. I made friends with the photographer and recruited a couple other people to do the “writing in sparklers” photo. We did LOVE and a heart, and it turned out pretty awesome. I hope I can snag a copy.

A lovely little after party followed back at the hotel full of more drinks, some smokes and some people deciding it was a great idea to jump in the pool despite the fact that it was probably 60 degrees outside and the pool was even colder than that. The home the next day was again long, but well worth a wonderful weekend. Happily, the next wedding I’m headed to this summer is only about an hour away.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever traveled for a wedding? xoxo



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