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I Hate This Book

Not really, but it’s already made me cry twice and have a panic attack once. I’m only about a third of the way through. The crying episodes are due to major missing of my beloved pup Cinnamon, below (I’m tearing up a bit right now).

Right from the get go, Enzo, the novel’s dog narrator, tells you he is old and ill and wants his master Denny to be able to let him go. My Cinnamon wasn’t doing well at all near her end and my family decided to put her to sleep to end her pain. This, twice, is why I’ve cried.

The hyperventilating (that’s a bit dramatic but I definitely was in a bad way for a minute or two) was caused by Enzo discussing the book’s namesake, taken from his master Denny’s profession as a race car driver. I hate driving in the rain and in the snow. And now just about any time after midnight since my route home from work is abundant with deer…several of which I’ve come thisclose to hitting. Mostly, this section of the book reminded me of just two months ago when I came around a corner admittedly too fast and my car spun out of control and I was inches from hitting two different utility poles directly across each other on the road before coming to a halt perfectly horizontal across the road. It was terrifying and I basically terrified my boyfriend when I called him not too long after, sobbing and well before I should have arrived at work.

But back to the book – I’ve heard so, so, so many great things from several different people about The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Both my mom and dad have read it and told me that the crying up until now is nothing. So I’m terrified to see what Mr. Garth Stein is going to do to break my heart.

And now to some reading before bed time. xoxo


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