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We Make Beautiful Music Together

Mrs. Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess is such a gifted crafter! She just recently got married and put together a very fabulous DIY wedding. Ever since I read the post about her wedding invitations, I was in love. For so long I was all about music. I wanted to own a record label and, … Continue reading

Adventure: Wedding Road Trip

With age comes life events – I’m at the stage now where my peers are getting married. This past weekend, I made the 10-1/2 hour drive up to beautiful Northeast Harbor, Maine to see my Fordham friend Paul get married. My other Fordham friend Tyler decided, since it was much cheaper, that he’d fly into … Continue reading

An apple a day…

Last week on my business trip we ate a lot. While the food was delicious, it wasn’t very healthy. I did eat a salad everyday with lunch, but that was in addition to a lot of other stuff all day long! I’m working on getting back into good eating habits. Sunday for Father’s Day, I … Continue reading

Green Tea Blueberry Smoothie

Last night, I opened my refrigerator to find my Nature’s Promise Organic Vanilla Soymilk carton looking like it was ready to explode. I cautiously twisted the cap off only to hear the same hiss a soda can makes when you pop the tab. Then I took a cup and started to pour – EW. It … Continue reading

Happy Father’s Day!

A very Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there. I’m taking my dad and grandfather out to lunch today at the Jamison Pour House. Dad’s only stipulation was that he needed to be home by 5 to watch golf. I’ve been out of town for work recently which accounts for the lack of … Continue reading

Blues, Brews & BBQ in Allentown today!

Today is the 4th annual Blues, Brews and BBQ Festival in Allentown. Boyfriend has been hired to do a live painting over the course of about 5 hours. We bounced some ideas around about what would be cool to paint so I can’t wait to see where he goes with it. I suggested (I often … Continue reading

Betrayers also get betrayed

A whisper campaign has started in New York that Weiner’s wife was partly to blame for what happened. “You know, she does travel a lot” is what one New York political operative told me they have heard from multiple reporters. So now we have the “blame the woman” campaign even though what Weiner did had … Continue reading

TOMS Doing What TOMS Does

I first came across TOMS at Austin City Limits in 2008 while covering the festival for my then music blog Popwreckoning.com. My Popwreckoning co-founder Josh and I were hanging out in the press area where TOMS had set up and were giving pairs of their shoes to artists playing ACL. We chatted up the TOMS … Continue reading

Google Doing What Google Does

Today would have been Les Paul’s 96th birthday. Who celebrates in the coolest way possible, also allowing everyone else worldwide to celebrate? Google. Of course. If you haven’t already Googled something today, when you go to the their main page, you can mouse over the strings of this Googletar and record it. Neat! I’m impressed, … Continue reading

Why I Read Jezebel.com

I laughed quite a lot at the caption. Poor Kanye. Who says ladies aren’t funny?  

a little birdie told me

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