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Unibroue Dinner: Definitely Delicious

I adore the Iron Abbey. Since it opened, I’ve been patronizing it in hopes it would become a staple of the town I grew up in. And wow has it become that. No doubt their monthly beer dinners have something to do with it. This month, Unibroue was once again the featured brewery.P1020596P1020608

Reasons why I’ll never be a skinny gal:P1020603Course the first: Éphémère (Belgian fruit beer) paired with pecan encrusted baked brie with baby arugula and peach compote.
So good! First of all, I friggin’ love brie. Encrusted with pecans and topped with peach compote? All the more. It was melty and salty and sweet and divine. All at my table scarfed it down pretty quickly. Very nicely paired with the apple-packed Éphémère. P1020609Dish number two: Blanche de Chambly (Belgian witbier) paired with an iceberg wedge salad including hard boiled eggs, apple-wood smoked bacon, crumbled blue cheese, red onion and brandy peppercorn ranch dressing. 
Pretty average, as far as these things go, and not at all exciting to the eyes or palate. Next please!P1020610 Third pairing: Don de Dieu (Belgian strong pale ale) accompanied by crab napoleon – lump crab meat and roasted peppers between Gaufrette potatoes (large, cross hatched chips) with vodka cocktail sauce and truffle basil vinaigrette.
There was a whole lot going on with this dish and I didn’t really care for it. It was cold and crunchy and there was just something about it that I didn’t love. Don de Dieu, however, tops.P1020618Fourth (and best) course: Maudite (Belgian strong ale) paired with a cajun encrusted rib eye steak topped with sweet BBQ sauce and plated with pancetta laced mashed potatoes and tobacco onions (onions straws).
Um, WOW. Just perfect. The steak was pink, juicy and perfectly spiced (not too much heat but enough). I could have eaten this for both the second AND third courses in addition to this course and still wanted more. The potatoes were a bit too gummy, but seriously this steak is amazing and I really hope Rui (pronounced Roy, Iron Abbey’s owner) puts this beauty on the menu.P1020626 Last and certainly not least: La Terrible (Belgian strong dark ale) paired with lemon cheesecake with raspberry coulis (a thick sauce made from pureed and strained fruits or vegetables, thanks Wikipedia) and orange-scented whipped cream.
Also a major, major win. This was so superbly and unbelievably delicious. This following the aforementioned rib eye would happily be my last meal on Earth. It was a very atypical cheesecake in that it was so light yet retained an amazing creaminess. It converted me to lemon and lemon flavored foods. Tart but sweet, light but creamy: perfect. I wanted to give chef Mike a high five.

I’ll be headed back to the Abbey this weekend to introduce friends to its wonders with hopes of finding the rib eye and cheesecake on the menu. If they’re not there, I won’t be too disappointed since everything they serve is great. If you’re ever in Horsham, Pennsylvania, add the Iron Abbey as a stop.



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