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Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Tried It

I’ve tried these: one I’m knocking, the other I adore.

First, The Bad: Sinful Colors in Dream On. I bought this because the color is awesome – it’s more saturated and purple-y than the photo depicts. It was also cheap and, in this case, it’s clear why.

The nail polish is very thin and once it dries, it’s totally matte. Since it’s so thin it looks very streaky when applied and it doesn’t stay on very long. A coat of clear polish on top cures the matte problem (I like shiny nails) and perks the color right up.

I painted my nails Thursday night – layer of clear, two coats of Dream On, followed by the final clear layer to get that shine I want. I am bummed to report that it is already chipped to hell now. And I haven’t even been doing anything that would cause quicker chippage.

Not a polish I’d recommend if you’re not into removing polish and painting your nails every couple of days. I am not. I want something with staying power.

The Good: Rimmel‘s Lasting Finish Pro in Midnight Blue. On the bottle it says “Up to 10 Days.” While I haven’t actually paid attention to the number of days it still looks good, it is certainly long enough to satisfy my desire to change polishes once every week or two.

It’s a gorgeous dark blue (that often gets mistaken for black) and goes on thick. It’s dries shiny so I don’t need a top coat, though I put one on, of course, to protect and make it last longer.

I would certainly recommend Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro over Sinful Colors. Unfortunately I’ve not got the time now to take off the Dream On and put on the Midnight Blue, but it will certainly happen at some point today.

Also in good things! If you’re in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, local Hair Cutterys are providing $10 haircuts tonight from 6-9pm in support of the Hero Campaign to prevent drunk driving tragedies. All proceeds will go to the Hero Campaign so, if you can and want to, you can certainly give a little something extra. Both my mom and I will be heading over to my mom’s local Hair Cuttery for the cause. And also because I’m in serious need of a trim.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xoxo


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