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Apartment Hunting: So Far, Pretty Good

Yesterday morning kicked off our apartment search. We met with the owner of a Victorian building that’s got a second floor vacancy. From the moment I walked in, I loved it!

Cute residential street with lots of trees? Check. Lots of natural light? Check. Hardwood floors? Check. Bay windows? Check. Plenty of space? Check!

apt10 apt1

The owner was very nice and very laid back, giving a whole bunch of information about the apartment while maintaining friendly professionalism. The biggest downside was that he ended up being 45 minutes late meeting us, but silver lining, one of the current residents was sitting on the stoop, so we shot to shoot with him while we waited.

Today’s apartment I did not love. First of all – carpets. ICK! I’d be down with carpets if I picked them out and was the first one using them, but going into an apartment with who knows how many people living on these carpets before me skeeves me out. Also, they smelled funny. Not OK.

The kitchen in today’s apartment was much nicer and had more counter space. That seemed to win boyfriend over, which is funny because he spends very little time in the kitchen.

apt20 apt2

See that ugly brown carpet? Guh. No thank you! We have another to look at on Saturday afternoon but I am not-so-secretly very ready to tell apartment number 1 that it, in all it’s sunny, bay window-y glory, is the winner.

Now to convince boyfriend. xoxo


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