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Weird Stuff I Love: Apartment Hunting

I love apartment hunting. Even when I’m living in a place, I love, love, LOVE looking at available apartments not only where I live but where I want to live (I’m looking at you Austin, Seattle, Portland). I love imagining new and exciting places I could live and, admittedly, peeping into peoples’ homes. I like to see what they’ve done and what I’d do [better :} ], given the opportunity.

There’s just something about scouring Craigslist for apartments that could be mine that I love. I scoured last night and set up three appointments for viewings this week. Woo! I hope one works out so I can get to work on it. I already have big plans.

Wanted: 2 bedroom with lots of natural light, hardwood floors, yard, laundry on premises. Bonus: porch and floor to ceiling bay windows (pictured: I miss you Parkway House!). Staircase and basement a plus.



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