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Adventure: A Day at the Races

Yesterday was Sly Fox Brewery’s 11th Annual Goat Race. The race is held annually to determine the honorary name for that year’s maibock style beer. Bock is German for ‘goat’ so this whole thing isn’t totally out of left field.

Through my favorite local bar, the Iron Abbey, we purchased tickets to attend the races, including breakfast beforehand, a round-trip bus ride, beers on the bus, and $30 worth of beer/food/merchandise tickets.bus cool-route

bus-crowdAfter about 40 minutes on the road, we arrived at the brewery that, to our surprise, was located in a shopping center next to a food store, nail salon, UPS store, Chinese eatery and a Subway. The entire parking lot had been blocked off to accommodate the thousands in attendance.slyfox Goats were being lead around on leashes as if it was as common a sight as seeing your neighbor walk their dog. Not having must past experience with goats, I was pretty stoked to hang with them and later watch them race. Look at them all!

goat2 goat-oreoThis is Oreo, who took second place last year. He qualified for the final round again this year, but again could only take second place. leetle-goatTiny goat! Adorable!

abbey-goatLittle Abbey here also qualified for the final round, which we were all very proud of, but her racer Italo just couldn’t come through with the win.  baby-goatThis goat is 8 weeks old! So soft and cuddly. Despite her tiny little legs, she also qualified for the final round, but wasn’t able to go home with the grand prize. peggyThis is Peggy. If you notice, she only has three legs. She won the race! Sly Fox’s Peggy Maibock is delicious.  Congratulations to Peggy, hero to three-legged goats everywhere. Head to Peggy’s website to buy a TEAM PEGGY shirt. Proceeds of the shirt sales will help fund the Berks County Humane Society.

And until the next goat race, enjoy a sweet and malty Peggy maibock. 


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