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A Rather Non-Traditional Easter

This year for Easter, my grandmother decided she felt like doing something “a little different.” Yesterday, myself, my boyfriend and my sister and her boyfriend packed ourselves into my parents’ minivan and headed to Momiji, a Japanese Hibachi restaurant, in Rio Grande, New Jersey. Only one other family had the same idea as my grandmother (the place was almost empty), but we had a lot of fun with our chef.sushi apps Boyfriend and I split the Sushi Appetizers then enjoyed a mushroom soup and salad with ginger carrot dressing that came as part of the hibachi lunch. The sushi was very fresh and the mushroom soup was light and delicious.flip As always, our chef was very entertaining. Here he is playing with the eggs, spinning them on his spatula then flipping them in the air a dozen times. We all also had bits of zucchini hitting us in the head as he tried to flip them into our mouths. Once he got down to cooking, things got delicious. My dinner (below) consisted of the oblig fried rice along with sesame teriyaki shrimp and salmon.dinner cooking A lot of us had the shrimp – that whole pile above in the middle of the grill is shrimp. And during the veggie cooking, we got the always fun onion volcano. Fresh prepared food plus entertainment plus fire equals a great time.fire Thanks to Momijo for a great and unique Easter. xoxo


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