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The More You Know

Just the other day I fell in love with this dress.

I’d discovered it at Ruche but just today saw it at ModCloth. Here’s an interesting little price comparison:

Ruche: $43.99

ModCloth: $51.99

Buying through Ruche will save you $8.00, unless you MUST have it next day, then you save $4.60 by getting the overnight shipping from ModCloth. But if you needed it next day and first saw it on Ruche a few days ago like I did, you’d already be wearing it by now.

The ModCloth price for just the dress is $1.00 more than Ruche’s including shipping…does ModCloth buy from Ruche for their stock? I don’t know how all this works, I just like pretty dresses.

The different names they give the dress is interesting, too. I wonder who decides what to call them. Ruche dubbed this the “Classy Gal Printed Dress” while ModCloth calls this the “Wave Goodbye Dress.” I like the former since not much of this makes me think of goodbyes, unless maybe it’s a big goodbye the cold weather. That I’ll take.




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