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Jonesin’ for a Run

Yep. I am jonesing to go on a run. So maybe I am crazy. Whatever.

In high school I acidentally discovered the joy of running. A neighbor who drove me to and from school said I’d have to take the bus home when she had winter track practice, so I joined the team instead. It actually went pretty well. I wasn’t a star or anything but I came to enjoy running and with a coach making me run sprints and hills and mile after mile, I was in great shape despite the fact that my shape never has been and will never likely be that of a “natural runner” (see: lean and muscular).

I typically go to the gym and hit the treadmill in the morning before work since I prefer to run before I’ve eaten anything. I also go on weekends and lift before I run. This weekend was derailed by other activities AND I slept in this morning since I was out much later than planned (2am hello) last night, or I guess this morning.

I’m now sitting at my desk tapping my legs like a mad person because my legs need to move. Unfortunately my beginner belly dancer (yeah, that’s happening) won’t be high energy enough to calm my need to run, but I’m hoping to get a quick bike ride in before class just to move. Desk jobs are kind of awful that way.



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